K&K vibratory drives can be used for many functions in the industrial sector. As feeding units for feeding, buffer, separating and dispersing our vibratory drives are used in a numerous ways of application, for example foods, pharmaceutical or technical products.

Of course our vibratory drives are available individually or also with conveyor channel. K&K vibratory drives are made in two different sizes: V 80 and V 150.

high feeding efficiency
vibration amplitudes up to 4 mm
a spring mechanism enables a simple adjusting of the self-resonance
compact type of construction
excellent control feature by phase-angle control


Closed trough conveyor for dusty materials

Open transfer channel for supplying a partial quantity scale

Proportioning channel with special coating for illuminants

Supplying and separating conveyor channel for metal working industry. Abrasion-proof HD90 coating of the contact surface inside, noise control coating on the outside.