With many years of experience we are able to understand our customer’s type of problem as a whole. This makes it possible for us to create a solution which is not ordinary. Often it’s the details which make a scale or a dosage usable for a larger product range or larger dosing volume.

K&K conveyor scales for dosing weights from 1 – 50 kg

Two weighing systems in one scale allow for this large range. Two weighing pans are responsible for these enormous volume differences. The efficiency of packing drums of 25 kg is up to 12 W/min.


5-line weighing and counting device for various “small-sized” materials

large batches up to 250 g are packed in “weighing modus”
smaller batches with up to 20 pcs./bag are packed in “counting modus”
efficiency weighing: up to 60 W/min.
efficiency counting: up to 40 S/min.
PC-control system for about 300 various kinds of materials



Semiautomatic packing device for metal and plastic parts with integrated tilt device.

the tilt device empties the incoming containers into a storage bin with feed regulating conveyor.
the carton or plastic box is put onto a platform scale with conversion for the number of pieces.
the conveying speed can be controlled by the operator with a foot switch.
during the filling process it is possible to read the number of filled in pieces.
the operator stops the feed regulating conveyor just before the number of requested pieces is counted and adds up manually precise and fast.
the “reversing function” of the feed regulating conveyor enables for a supply of the other side of the packing unit and therefore use the tilt device.