For weighing all freely flowing and trickling materials like:


Our “P” series contains a pneumatic controlled proportioning slide. This was developed especially for larger quantities of packaging. They easily can be combined and expanded with all common foil packaging machines as well as with bag packaging machines.

1-line scale up to 12 W/min with a filling volume of 25 l
G1-version with a filling volume up to 25 l
G2-version with a filling volume up to 85 l
officially calibrated
all parts which are in direct contact with the materials are made of 1.4301 stainless steel




2-line high performance scale

up to 20 W/min with a filling volume of 25 l
available in G1- and G2-version
complete scale available in stainless steel (option)
for updating or for increasing efficiency the compact construction allows an installation into systems which are already set up