Packaging unit for technical products like screws, nails, dowels etc.

ground-level charging height
manual charging/removing of the carton or plastic box
with these two feeding systems two different products can be filled in one carton



Packaging unit for big bag up to 30 kg

lift-tilt device for charging the materials
storage bin is located in operating level just above the scale
conveyed length with positioning unit
automatic carton-closer
back-up for filled cartons
the complete unit is controlled by the K&K PC control system



Packaging unit for filling varying cartons and plastic boxes

This unit consists of a feeding belt, storage bin, scale, transfer system, operating- and buffer line and a PC control system. Over 1,000 different metal and plastic parts can be packed into cartons or plastic boxes.


Packaging unit for parts of the electrical industry (into POC boxes)

lift-tilt device
bin with discharge chute
1-line scale with reference weight registering
device for straightening POC boxes automatically
conveyed length with positioning station
sealing device for sealing with hot glue
labeling station
the entire unit is PC controlled and connected with the customer's host