K&K complete unit for packing metal parts in plastic bags

This unit consists of a lift-tilt device, storage bin for 250 kg, swivel dispense, fully automatic 3-line scale, plastic bag packing device and a thermal transfer printer. All components of this unit are controlled by the "K&K PC control unit" (host). The capacity of this unit is up to 35 bags/min.


K&K complete unit for packing bolts (used in mounting technique industry)

for bag weights up to 20 kg
upward moving Z-conveyor belt for supplying the scale
1-head scale with coated conveyor channels
plastic bag backing device for up to 150 µ foil thickness
conveyor belt on table level for carrying away the filled bags



K&K complete unit for packing dried fruits, various kinds of tea and powdery mixed spices in prefabricated bags, glassware or cans. The weight range is between 12 and 1500 g

bin/storage belt
upward moving Z-conveyor belt
1-line special scale for operating in 1- and 2-steps
transferring system for various packaging sizes
clip device for closing filled bags
conveyor belt for carrying away the filled bags, glassware or cans
manual feeding of the bags, glassware or cans by personnel