The K&K “SK-7” microprocessor scale control in combination with high-precision DMS weighing cells enables a wide spectrum of filling weights. Individual weight ranges can be specified variably. The K&K scale control is based on the Siemens S7-300 which is no.1 worldwide in industrial automation. In combination with the programs we have developed, our SK-7 control offers the highest possible industry standard for operational safety and service life of our scales. The control panel with the OP 77, OP 177 or TP 177 user interface makes our scales easy to operate.

The smallest possible packing weight for our scales is 2 g; the maximum weight is 80 kg. All K&K scales can be delivered in officially calibrated version (option).

All K&K scales do have the same control instrumentation. To meet the varied customer’s requirements we also offer a variety of alternatives for placing the control cabinet and the control panel.

in the basic model the control cabinet is mounted on a stand with an inclination angle of 15°. The control cabinet is connected with the scale with a cable of about 5 m length. The control panel is mounted onto the front door of the control cabinet. Depending on the size of the scale either an OP 77 or an OP 177 control unit is used.
as an option the control cabinet – as a plug-in unit connected with the scale – can be delivered without a stand, for a fixed mounting at the location. The control panel is mounted into a stainless steel housing and portable. With a cable and plug it can be connected to the scale. The advantage: operating the scale can be made from various positions.
further options:
- control panel in touch screen version with Siemens TP 177
- control by PC