The main item of a K&K complete unit is our “PC-central-control”. Setting data of more than 5,000 various articles can be stored with this control. All setting values of the scale are entered into the PC. They are clearly represented on a menu page.

Plastic bag packaging devices or carton packaging units which are equipped with a Siemens SPS can also be operated by our control. Tagging systems like TT-printer and labeling units can be operated by our PC-control as well.

This means with entering the corresponding part number a complete system can be switched or set.

the scale generates the required amount or weight
the packaging unit generates the required length of the plastic bags
the TT printer or label printer puts the corresponding label onto the bag or carton
K&K statistic software with calculation of average value and link to customer’s host as option available
installation of the PC unit on a work table or in a PC control cabinet (option)